Simulating a Local Area Network

Following books and websites have been consulted for this experiment. You are suggested to go through them for further details.


  1. Computer Networks, Andrew S. Tanenbum, Pearson, 4th edition, 2002
  2. Data Communication and Networking, Behrouz A Forouzan, Tata Mgraw Hill, 4th edition, 2009


  1. The NS Manual
  2. Marc Greis Tutorial
  3. Lecture Notes 2003-2004 Univ. de Los andes, Merida, Venezuela, and ESSI, “NS simulator for beginners”
  4. Local Area Networks
  5. Solaris Troubleshooting : Calculate Collision rate in Ethernet network
  6. 2nd ISSNSM’s Tutorial on Simulating Networks with Network Simulator 2 (ns-2)
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