Measuring Network Performance


Consider a local area network connecting node numbers 3, 4, 5. This LAN is connected to two external servers(node no.0 and node no.1) through a router(node no.2).

Here in this network node no. 0 is connected to node no.2 by a duplex link and node no.1 is connected to node no.2 by a duplex link. Again, node no.2 and node no.3 are connected to each other with two simplex links thereby allowing bi-directional data transmission.

The server at node no.0 is running an application on TCP/IP and sending data to node no.4.

For the two simplex links between node 2 and node 3, different possible values for the link bandwidth, propagation delay, queue type are shown in the right hand side panel.

Altering any of these parameters affects the throughput of the network(which is simply no. of bytes received per unit time). the different throughput curves can be viewed in the right hand side panel.

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