Setting up a Bluetooth Network

Following books and websites have been consulted for this experiment. You are suggested to go through them for further details.


  1. Introduction to Network Simulator NS2, Teerawat Issariyakul, Ekram Hossain, Springer, 1st edition, 2008


  1. Bluetooth history
  2. UCBT - Bluetooth extension for NS2 at the University of Cincinnati
  3. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group
  4. Bluetooth - Versions
  5. P. E. Engelstad, T. E. Jonvik and T. V. Do. "Asynchronous Formation of Non-Hierarchical Bluetooth Scatternets", in Proceedings of 3G-Wireless Conference 2003 (3GWireless'03), San Francisco, May 27-30, 2003.
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