Micro/Nano Manufacturing & Robotics Facility
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
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Welcome to the Micro/Nano Robotics Group

A state of the art Micro- and Nano- Manufacturing and Robotics facility is being setup as a unique research facility based on nano-scale fabrication and micro manipulation technologies along with haptics interfaces. This facility is associated with an interdisciplinary team of researchers and touches activity areas such as 3D- nano lithography and also a SEM based characterization cum fabrication system with applications covering Photonics, Semiconductor Nano-devices, Sensors, Microfluidics, Optofluidics, Tissue Engineering, etc. The fabrication with aid miniature smart robotic devices at the micro/nano-scale for various applications in the field of micro-electronics, communication and biomedicine etc is the need of the hour due to the emerging revolution in nanotechnology. The goal of this facility is to propel the nascent research in these areas to new levels.

The facility consists of some very sophisticated instruments for micro/nano-fabrication, manipulation and characterization Multi-photon Polymerization technique based 3D- Microfabrication system and dual beam FIB/FEG microscope system with several built-in characterization facilities like AFM, SIMS etc. including nano-manipulators and haptics interface capability. The set of researchers from multidisciplinary areas indicate the scope of utilization of the infrastructure in diverse projects ranging from research in haptics to nano-manipulation of objects both created in situ or manufactured ex situ and brought into these systems including biological cells & tissues. Along with these anchoring equipment will be other ancillary tools for processing samples. Other additional tools that will enable specific device fabrication will be added at a later stage.