Do you want to make something of your own! Invent, Innovate, Design, Fabricate or perhaps tinker with something you always wanted to do? But, you had something else going on that dissuaded you or someone who discouraged you or just plain and simple, somehow you just didn't get to do it in past.

Well you can do it now! Right in the best place you are living in - at IIT Kharagpur. Science and Engineering is also about having things made, test ideas and see if some concepts work in reality. Whats more, if this also happens to be something useful to all and can make a difference to some, can you not perfect it into a usable product for people to use - you can be an innovator, inventor a designer or a tinkerer or just anything else you would like to call yourself.

This is not just geeky, but is a fun thing to do, learn and enjoy while you are still at IIT Kharagpur campus, a place of your choice to study and work.

We are now having an Innovations Centre, Design Centre, Hobby Workshop, Tinkering Lab, idea testing lab all rolled into a Innovations Facility being established in the campus with a grand support from one of our most distinguished Alumnus - Shri Arjun Malhotra, who himself was a great innovator, an entrepreneur and an towering IITian who was among those who set an IT economy rolling for India. This Facility is called the M. N. Faruqui Innovations Centre (MNFIC in short) named after a legendary alumnus and professor of IIT Kharagpur who also encouraged all to do such explorations.

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